A Better Denver Colorado Search Engine Optimization Consultant

Many seo “consultants” aren’t worth the money you’re paying them. Typically this is because they’re either new, or in some cases, don’t actually do any work to get results. We’ve found a better search engine optimization consultant in the Denver area.Below are a few things to look out for when you’re hiring that all important seo person.

A few things to consider when hiring a consultant:

  1. How long have they been performing seo for clients?
  2. Do they have ranking results or traffic improvements they can share with you?
  3. Do they have references you can call to check on their results?
  4. Does their own site rank for any seo related terms? (This is probably the most important)
sample rank report
sample rank report

Now, each consultant doesn’t have to meet every criteria, but certainly 2-3 out of the 4 should be easy to show a prospective client. Ranking their own site high in the search engines for an seo related keyword phrase is probably the most important. Here’s why – If they’re good at search engine optimization, they should be able to rank on the first page, along with all of the other seo’s in the area competing for the same spots. SEO phrases are competitive, so if your consultant can rank along with other seo’s in a competitive area, this is enough to show that they can get results for you.

Probably the second most important factor from above is the ranking results or traffic improvements. Any seo that is working for clients, should have at least ranked a few sites before taking on clients. Ask to see these ranking reports, and check to see if their own sites ranks well! It will save you lots of headaches in the future.

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